I am the founder and owner of Hunt in Pink and Fish in Pink.  I love promoting women's involvement in the outdoors, hunting, and fishing.  I grew up fishing with my father as a young girl and much of the love I have for the outdoors was shaped by time spent with him chasing bass and catfish.  I am a mother of two boys and my husband and I are doing our best to instill the love for the outdoors, hunting, and fishing with them, and there is nothing more satisfying then that!  




Outdoor activities are who I am weather I am at the Gun range, Hunting Blind, Archery Events or just out preparing for the next hobby or hunt!! I love to hunt Turkey they are my favorite, they are also neat to just watch them come off the roost and see them out gobbling and strutting there stuff!! I am not only a hunter and competitor I am a wife and mother and I love being able to include my family in all of these amazing outdoor activities!!




Mommy, wife, nurse, hunter, archer, angler. I started hunting and fishing when I met my husband in 2001. After watching him hunt for several years I decided to pick up a gun and join him in this passion of the outdoors we now share together. Since that fateful day I’ve been hooked and have been lucky enough to share that with our family. We have a son named Easton who loves the outdoors as much as his parents and a very sweet daughter, Paislee, who will be tagging along in the woods before we know it.



I want to be a part of the women in hunting movement and a catalyst to increasing exposure and helping shape our future as strong women who are more than capable of success on their own. I want to help women find something they love to do and feel confident doing. I want to help shape the way women see hunting and hunters- and the way the public views women (and men) who hunt.



We ain't most women!" We Hunt In Pink, we won't be bullied, we carry, we Fish in Pink, we are business women, we are fierce, we are backed by big strong men and by Gods divine intervention. We unite to help others, but when push comes to shove our parents raised us to push back. We are for the good of our community. The Bible clearly states "who can be against us if the Lord is for us!" Amen to that. We are mothers running exhausted to operate a business, work full time jobs, take college classes, raise babies, and volunteer! 



Bow hunting has become a part of who I am. I camped and fished my whole life but didn’t start to hunt until I met my husband. It’s the best quality time for us, and I find myself excited to go out even when I know I’m going to be dead tired and sore the next day! I love teaching our daughter the importance and responsibility that comes with being a “hunter” it’s so much more than just killing animals. I find the woods to be therapeutic, the silence and solitude can be soothing to the soul.