Tammy Wood; June 2014 Lady Hunter

Hunt In Pink Would Like You to Meet

Tammy Wood

Lady Hunter June, 2014

How does hunting define you?

Hunting defines a new chapter in my life, being a widow , wanting to provide for my family in the worst of financial times, knowing I can do it by stepping outside.

Hunting is more than putting food on the table. It’s about being in the most remote, beautiful places in the world to enjoy peace, tranquility, and solitude . It’s about hunting along side my daughter, bonding time

What does hunting mean to you? Hunting means everything to me. It is a wonderful tool for my kids to grow up with, to see how meat ends up on the table . I love making sausage with my son, and the other kids enjoy the experience of seeing mom bring something home.

What is your favorite hunting season?

My favorite hunting season is late Mule Deer. I love it when the big boys come out. Wonderful hunts in the snow!

What is your dream hunt?

My dream hunt would be on Vancouver Island for Roosavelt Elk. I love cooking Elk!

Tell us more about you…

I love being a woman hunter because it’s a great way to provide, and also to show my friends and family how I’ve grown in the past five years and that I’m not afraid to accept new challenges in the face of so many obstacles. I wish my husband was here to see how I’m teaching our six kids to live off this beautiful land of ours and it’s something to be very proud of!

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