Georgia-Lee Wood; July 2014 Lady Hunter

Hunt In Pink Would Like You to Meet

Georgia-Lee Wood

Lady Hunter July, 2014

1. As a young lady hunter, what and who inspires you to hunt (where did you start)? I started hunting just last year and I never ever plan on quitting. My amazing mother is my hunting partner and inspires me to continue on with hunting because I see the joy she gets out of it. This bear that I shot was the first large animal I’ve shot and I haven’t felt that much excitement all in one place ever before. My mom was right by my side and it’s such an awesome way to bond with her, love my hunting buddy so much.

2. How does hunting define you or what does it mean to be a lady hunter to you? Being a lady hunter to me is just a good way to show my rights as a woman and show that not only men can hunt but women as well, and if not better I love showing people that I’m not afraid to go out and get my hands dirty and that I’m not your average girl who stays at home and cooks up that store meat.

3. What would be your dream hunt? My dream hunt is hands down caribou. I’m so fascinated by their antlers and I would be so happy to have that mounted on my wall.

4. Anything else about you that you would like to share with us? One of my biggest reasons for being so in love with hunting is that it takes away so much stress. My dad passed away 5 years ago and after a while I get very sad and going out in to the middle of nowhere with just my mom and I is the best thing ever. It takes away so much depression and makes me so happy. It reminds me of how special life is and I love smelling the fresh air and taking in the beautiful views from where we hunt.

Update: Oct 3, 2014:

October 3 2014

Georgia got her first buck!!!

“I’m 17 years old and I shot my first buck today in Merrit British Columbia! 3 points and a 247 yard shot! VERY HAPPY”

Way to go girl! Nice buck!

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