Sara Basso; Aug 2014 Lady Hunter

Hunt In Pink Would Like You to Meet

Sara Basso

Lady Hunter August, 2014

1. What does hunting mean to you? Hunting means being apart of nature for me. I never feel as happy or at home, than when I am hunting. Hunting is working your butt off and enjoying every second of it, no matter if it is a successful hunt or not. Hunting isn’t just about harvesting an animal, there is so much to enjoy and be appreciative of when it comes to being in the great outdoors.

2. Women hunters are on the rise, who or what got you into hunting?

My dad started taking me hunting in a baby backpack on his back from the time I was a month old. My dad is my best friend and we cherish hunting together. Hunting has been my main passion in life since I was very young and I have my dad to thank for that. He wanted a boy, but he got a girl that liked to do boy stuff!

3. Where would your dream hunt be?

My dream hunt would be red stag in New Zealand. If we could afford it, that would be my boyfriend and I’s honeymoon!

4. Anything else about yourself…

I feel extremely grateful to have grown up in Montana, it truly is the last best place. Never being more than a few minutes from being in the mountains is the way I always plan to live for the rest of my life. Spending so much time in the outdoors growing up gave me a special respect for wildlife and wild places. The reason I am perusing a degree in both wildlife biology and resource conservation is because I want to help keep Montana’s wildlife and ecosystems healthy, so hunting can be something every generation gets to enjoy. Conservation is what secures the future of hunting. I encourage all hunters to join local chapters of wildlife foundations(mule deer foundation, pheasants forever, ducks unlimited, rocky mountain elk foundation, etc.) getting involved really makes a difference!

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