Donna Stanfill; Winter 2015 Lady Hunter

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Donna Stanfill

Lady Hunter Winter, 2015

Where to start. When I was little my mom started teaching us to fish before we could walk, my uncles hunted but always treated it like it was something just men did and women shouldn’t do. When I first moved to Montana my roommate had dear skulls all over in my bedroom, it kind of creeped me out a bit, but my oldest son’s dad was huge into hunting and taught me how to hunt and it was something I instantly fell in love with.

For me at first it wasn’t that hard to balance hunting with being a mom I took my son with me weather we went near town or out in Harlow. My step daughters were raised to hunt as well with there dad and hunting was something they always looked forward too . When I had my second son hunting became a lot harder as he has pulmonary defects and is mildly autistic . Between Dr appointments and him having such a hard time being contained or being quite we had to take a couple years off where my only time hunting was the rare occasion I got a weekend sitter to go on a few unsuccessful elk hunts . But it was still better to be in the mountains trying then not to be there at all .

This year we finally took Noah now 3 and my new youngest who at the time was only a few weeks old up hunting in Clancy MT . Where my now fiance grew up . My boys enjoyed meeting all the people that Casey grew up hunting with and seeing their elk and or deer they got for the season. We’ve also always processed our own meat so cutting up our own harvest bagging it grinding it and making sausage were things we’ve always done as a family that the kids enjoyed helping with.

One of the most important things I’ve taught my kids with hunting is respect for the kill. It is still a living animal . You practice so you know you will be able to kill on your first shot and make sure the animal is down . I don’t trophy hunt, although to each there own. Our family is taught to hunt to put food in the freezer and on the table … For me and my family hunting is an easy stress reliever it gives you time to refine yourself and enjoy the beauty nature has to offer. It’s a few hours or even a few days at at time of uninterrupted quality time without cellphones to go out and hunt and provide for your family at the same time.

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