Tamra Paben; Summer 2015 Lady Hunter

Hunt In Pink Would Like You to Meet

Tamra Paben

Lady Hunter Summer, 2015

How does hunting define you? How does hunting define me……I am independent, confident and strong. I know that I am capable of going out on my own and filling the family freezer. It makes me feel good to know that I am able to accomplish anything I put my mind to.

One thing for a lot of women that hunt compared to men (where it is assumed they just work and hunt) is that we have a lot on our plates… as a lady hunter, how do you balance your love for hunting and just everyday life?

First and foremost were my kids. While they were young, I would put them on the bus to school and head to the timber. Spend a few hours in the blind or the stand and be back before the bus came home with supper on the table. Sometimes hunting waited until the weekends. Now that they are raised and out on their own, my hunting goes according to life’s schedule. We own a gun shop and I have a taxidermy shop. I try to time the hunt with the work in my shop. Monday is laundry and house cleaning day, during the summer, Thursday is lawn mowing day; because it takes about 4 hours. Every day my husband is home around 4pm and that is when I try to have a home cooked meal on the table. During whitetail season, supper may be a bit late and he’s great with it. As a matter of fact, he encourages me to go to the stand. This spring while getting ready for a doctors appointment, I watched a tom I had been talking to for the last week cross the food plot below the house. I changed into my camo and pulled a full sneak thru the timber to get to him. After the harvest I sent a picture of the bird to my husband and ran to my parents house for pictures and then made the phone call to doc to change my appointment time.

Please tell us about one of your most memorable experiences hunting…. As far as memorable hunting stories, that happens almost every year during turkey season. I took my dad spring turkey hunting for the first time when he was 68 years young. He had been watching it on tv and thought it looked easy. He’d been whitetail hunting since I was a child. When that bird came up beside the blind spitting and drumming, the look on his face was priceless! He had the bird down by 7am and has been hooked ever since. We make a point of hunting together every year since then.

I also had the opportunity to take our youngest son out deer hunting during the youth season one year. Usually their dad always takes them. We harvested a doe together that year and had a great time doing it.

You said you love to cook wild game dishes too, can you tell us what your favorite one is and please list the site where we can check out your recipes too!!

Cooking has always been a passion of mine. A huge garden is a must for me. I try to can as much as I can so that I have fresh ingredients year round. Everything we eat is either grown, caught or shot by us. I rarely by any meat in the store. In our freezer you’ll find fish, turkey, venison, dove, pheasant and quail along with our home grown pork. You haven’t has pork until you raise it yourself on the dirt. We have always done our own processing as well. I try to put all of my dishes on my facebook page so that I can pass the cooking techniques along. For a while I attended the local Women In The Outdoors events and taught a cooking class.

Anything else about yourself or the hunting world you would like to share?

We are both pretty active in the local wildlife chapters. Clark County Quail Forever and our local NWTF chapter, The Clark County Longbeards. I’ve been a part of the Prostaff at Women Hunt Too for the last four years. I really enjoy having women in the shops to play show and tell. I love to answer questions on the taxidermy side, then we head to the gun safe to get the “toys” out. It’s been great getting more ladies in the area involved in hunting. I’ve even talked a few into going out and trying it alone. You can hear the feeling of accomplishment in their voice when they call or share their pictures with me.

This contest itself was an accomplishment for me. I am proud to represent those ladies who Hunt In Pink!

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