Sheri Rhodes; Fall 2015 Lady Hunter

Hunt In Pink Would Like You to Meet

Sheri Rhodes

Lady Hunter Fall, 2015

1. Hunting does have a crowd of opposition, as a women hunter if you were to describe/define hunting to someone who has no knowledge of hunting, what would be the key points you would describe or tell to them and why do you feel it's important?

Before I started hunting my husband would go hunting and bring home whatever he was hunting at the time. I was glad to cook it, he was putting food on the table. At that time I never saw past that, putting food on the table. There is so much more to it. There is the watching of God's creations waking up coming to life. It is such a peaceful time for me, time to clear my mind and think. There have been so many hunts with no harvest that were so memorable. Then there are the hunts you can bring home meat to feed the family. To know we can survive with what God has provided for us is a great feeling.

2. What does it mean to you to be a women hunter?

I think it means more to others me being a woman hunting. When talking about hunting or showing pics you can see their excitement that this woman is really hunting. That means so much to me to have other women's support, even if they don't hunt. To have other hunters respect , especially men, makes me feel like I am doing something right.

3. What is your favorite past time with hunting?

I have so many great memories it is hard to list. I always have fun when I hunt with my husband. He makes sure to make it fun to keep anyone he takes interested in hunting. The first juvenile I took when I started hunting was with a young lady, it was her first deer harvest, it was awesome. I was with my sister in law on her first deer harvest, I almost hugged her out of the stand. I love to take pics and have been lucky enough to take pics of several firsts and many nice deer.

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