Theresa Southerland

Theresa Southerland

Have you seen Theresa lately? This lady is everywhere!! Theresa runs her own group called Ultimate Outdoor Girls which you can find on Facebook and YouTube. In addition this lady has stood by her man helping develop his YouTube Channel 30MilesOut into one of the biggest kayak fishing channels you will find. Are you a part of Ty and Theresa’s “What” nation? If you haven’t checked it out, you need to. Now Theresa has admitted that their success is due to all the hard work and dedication that they spent years committing too. This level of commitment is definitely supported by a very positive attitude and Theresa’s belief “If you want it, Go and Get It”.

How Hunting and Fishing define Theresa? “Hunting and Fishing is my life. I grew up doing it here in South Texas and married a wonderful man that shares my passion for the outdoors. We both feel a very close bond with nature and the peace it brings to our life. I prefer to put wild game or fresh fish on my table and feel the reward of killing or catching it myself! I love the challenge!”

Pro-Staff Theresa, Size Medium

Theresa was a part of the Hunt In Pink Pro-Staff Team and has become so busy with her own hunting and fishing that she had to step down due to lack of time. We are so honored we had the chance to work with this incredible lady!!!

Here’s where you can find Theresa:

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