Holly Vanderroest; Oct 2014 Lady Hunter

Hunt In Pink Would Like You to Meet

Holly Vanderroest

Lady Hunter October, 2014

What or Who started you hunting?

I grew up hunting with my parents then ventured off hunting with my cousin Sarah. And for the last couple years my boyfriend has taken me to a whole new level and passion for hunting. I love that we love hunting together.

Favorite game to hunt?

My favorite game to hunt are bull elk. I could sit there for hours watching and listening to those majestic animals bugling. How does hunting and nature define me as a person? Well… The woods has a calming effect on one’s mind, therefore hunting connects me with nature where I am at peace and nothing else matters. What I really find appealing about hunting is its test of patience. Usually I have very little patience, but when I’m out hunting game, patience is my virtue. Not to mention it has caused me to experience just about every imaginable emotion at one time or another. I believe hunters have far more respect and love for all animals and really appreciate there presence at any time. Really, what it all comes down to is I absolutely love the thrill of a hunt where your outwitting a master of its environment. If I could have any dream hunt… It would definitely be a Red Stag. They are the only big game species that has captured my heart. Hopefully one day I will get to experience that hunt.

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